Nothing To Do with Soap!

Hey All!

I just wanted to share a few projects I've been working on lately (and they have nothing to do with soap!).

First, I seem to always be searching high and low for a piece of paper to make my grocery, shopping, gardening, etc. lists.  So I decided to create my own fun, colorful, simple, lined notebooks.

I love the 7.5" x 9.25" size, so most of my notebooks are that size.  And some are 6" x 9", too.  All of these notebooks have 120 pages of lined paper.

Check them out here:


Links on Amazon: 

Cactus Notebook: Cactus Notebook: Cute Cactus Notebook, Cactus Notebook Cute: Cactus Journal Notebook 120 Lined Pages: Road Inc, Pine Tree

Pink Cats Notebook:  Pink Cats Notebook: Notebook for Cat Lovers, Cat Notebook: Lined Paper Notebook: Road Inc, Pine Tree: Books

Goats Notebook:  Goats Pattern Notebook: Notebook for Goat Lovers, Goats Notebook, Goat Notebook: Goats Pattern Notebook 120 Lined Pages: Road Inc, Pine Tree: Books

Chickens Notebook:  Chickens Notebook: Notebook for Chicken Lovers, Multicolored Chickens Notebook, Chicken Notebook: Chickens Notebook 120 Lined Pages: Road Inc, Pine Tree: Books

Wine Stains Notebook:  Wine Stains Notebook: For the Wine Lover, Wine Lover Notebook, Wine Stain Notebook: Wine Stains Notebook 120 lined pages: Road Inc, Pine Tree: Books


You're never too old to learn a new skill!


Happy Creating!!!